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Kids on the Block

Kids on the Block is a nationally recognized puppet program that provides an unforgettable, educational experience.

The “Kids” teach children about disabilities and a variety of other topics important to children’s learning in today’s world. Programs for all venues and age groups are available, so come join the Kids on the Block!

For more information, contact our Kids on the Block Project Educators at (508) 679-0001 x2135 or

Kids on the Block programs in Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, and Freetown Schools are funded by The United Way of Greater Fall River.

Puppet Shows

Down Syndrome

Recommended for elementary school-aged children

Ellen Jane is a teenager with Down Syndrome, which means that sometimes it takes her a little longer to learn how to do something.  Some people think that learning slower means she can’t do anything, but she goes to school, works at a veterinary clinic, and has fun with her friends.  We’re more alike than different!

Disability Awareness

Recommended for elementary school age students

Mark uses a wheelchair because he has a developmental disability that makes it hard to control movement.  This doesn’t stop him from doing all sorts of things that other kids can do.


Recommended for elementary school age students

Renaldo has been blind since birth and he likes to be treated the same as everyone else.  Join Renaldo’s friend, Brenda, as she learns about how he reads with Braille and gets around with his white cane.

Bullies and School Safety

Recommended for Gr. 3 – 6

Eddy, Clare, and Melody show that reporting to an adult is the way to get help for someone being bullied and the bully too.  Come find out how to make your school a “Bully-free Zone!”

Junior Puppeteer Program

This program gives older students the opportunity to learn and then educate younger students through fun, interactive puppet shows.  Students will work with trained puppeteers to gain knowledge about disabilities, perform with the puppets, and become confident public speakers.

Program Information:

Age level: upper elementary school, middle school, high school

Participation: 6-12 students

Program Length: 6 rehearsal/training sessions, followed by 2-4 performances

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