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Children's Services

Family Support

Family Support Services

Family Supports

The Arc of Bristol County’s Family Support Center offers a variety of resources and supports to individuals with disabilities and their families throughout their lifespan.  Our Coordinators work with each person to understand their needs, as well as, provide individualized supports that will be meaningful to them.  We believe in a team approach that brings a family, their community, and possible service providers together to provide needed supports and services.  The Arc’s Family Support Center Resource Room is located at 141 Park Street, Attleboro MA. The Family Support Center is funded through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).   For more information regarding our Family Support Services, please contact our Family Support Center Manager, at 508-226-1445 or toll free 888-343-3301.
The following services are available to families.
•    Information & Referral
•    Resources, Services, and Benefits Navigation
•    Educational Seminars
•    Family Networking
•    Support Groups
•    Project Kids Connect & Teen Bowling
•    Family Fun Days

Additional Family Support Services
Please note that the services/supports listed below require the individual receiving services to be eligible for services through DDS and to qualify for the particular service, and are subject to available funding. 
•    Agency with Choice 
•    Saturday Program
•    DESE/DDS Program
•    DDS Qualified Provider for Adult Companion Services, Individualized Home Supports, Individualized Day Supports, Adult Respite Services, etc.
•    Limited Financial Assistance 

Supports & Services for Families

All services are driven by the individual and their family. For further information call our toll free number, 888-343-3301 and dial the extension listed below.

Information & Referral

Families face many challenges in their search for appropriate and available resources and services. Whether families are looking for a particular resource or are interested in knowing what resources exist, Family Support staff can provide direction. Staff are knowledgeable about federal and state benefits, services available under Mass Health, Social Security, guardianship, adaptive equipment, future planning, transition services, educational services and programs, early Intervention services, Positive Supports training, community resources, counseling programs, specialists, support groups, and other commonly needed resources and supports requested by families.

Resources, Services, and Benefits Navigation

Service Navigation is designed to assist families in caring for their family member at home by providing individualized guidance, support and problem-solving assistance, as well as help families access and coordinate potential community resources and services. Service Navigation is available to individuals who are eligible for services through DDS.

Educational Seminars

The Family Support Center offers a series of educational seminars to share information on a variety of subjects with families. Families are asked for ideas on future training topics. Training topics have included Future Planning, Educational Rights and Support, Social Security Benefits, Positive Behavioral Supports, Transition Services, etc.

Family Networking and Support Groups

Families coming together and supporting each other has always been fundamental to The Arc’s services. The Arc hosts both a Dads’ Night Out and a Moms’ Support Group.  Come join us for a relaxing evening while enjoying dinner and networking with other families who walk the walk. 

Project Kids Connect (PKC)

The mission of Project Kids Connect is to facilitate relationships between children / teenagers with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities with other community members. One of the ways we do this is by supporting inclusion at various community activities and through the provision of ability awareness training.  PKC also offers a Teen Bowling Group and Vacation Club activities.

Family Fun Days

The Family Support Center, in conjunction with the Family Advisory Council, offers Inter-generational Family Days throughout the year. Families of children, teens, and adults are invited to the days to enjoy activities and to connect with one another.

Family Advisory Council

The council is a group of people, primarily family members, who are committed to ensuring the best possible services for individuals and their families whom The Arc supports.  This group advises the Department of Child and Family Services on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the services and supports offered.  For further information visit their website

Agency with Choice (AWC)

The Arc of Bristol County is qualified to provide services through DDS’ Agency with Choice (AWC) program model. Agency with Choice is a way to support individuals/families to engage in self-determination. It is known as a co-employment model; the AWC provider is the common law employer of record and the individual/family is the managing partner.

Respite and / or Recreational Funds

The Department of Child and Family Services is committed to decreasing stress at home and in the community.  One way we do this is searching out funding for families to access respite and recreational opportunities.  Generally these funds must be allocated within the terms of the grant.  If you are searching for respite funds and / or financial assistance for recreational activities please contact Family Support to see if we have an active grant that you can access.

Saturday Program

The Arc of Bristol County Family Support Center’s Saturday Program (18 years and older) offers a relaxing environment to enjoy the company of old friends; with the possibility of making new ones. Our goal is to provide a site-based program that supports meaningful opportunities and facilitates social engagement through personal choices. Preregistration is required.

DDS Qualified Provider

The Arc of Bristol County is qualified through DDS to provide the following services: Adult Companion Services, Individualized Home Supports, Individualized Day Supports, Adult Respite Services, etc.

DESE/DDS Program

The DESE/DDS (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education / Department of Developmental Services) is a program that is currently funded by DESE and administered by DDS through provider agencies, one of which is The Arc of Bristol County. The program was designed to assist families whose sons or daughters had very significant needs that if not addressed with supports and services would most likely result in a residential placement.

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