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If your questions are not answered here, please submit the question in the Message Center and we will answer you directly.


  • Question: How do I contact the Department of Developmental Services in Bristol County, MA?

    Answer: The Attleboro/Taunton DMR is located at 21 Spring Street Suite #1, Taunton, Ma. 02780. Their telephone number is (508) 824-0614. There are Children Services for ages 0 – 18, and Adult Services for ages 18 and up.

  • Question: How do I apply to work for The Arc of Bristol County?

    Answer: To apply for Direct Support positions online, fill out the modified application and e-mail it to The Arc/proAbility. Please indicate your availability and the area you would like to work in. i.e. Rhode Island, Attleboro area, Taunton area etc.

  • Question: How do I apply to volunteer for The Arc of Bristol County?

    Answer: To volunteer your services, you may also fill out the modified application online and indicate that you wish to volunteer. For both volunteer and regular positions, upon successful screening, you may be called in to fill out additional paperwork and be interviewed by our Human Resources Department. Then you will be directed to the appropriate department and or voluntary services area.


  • Question: What is the difference between Individual Support and Residential Services?

    Answer: Individual Support Services are provided to individuals who need less than 15 hours a week of support to live in their own apartment or home within the community. Residential Supports are provided to individuals who need from 15 hours a week to 24 hours a day, via our Shared Living Program. Shared Living Providers are individuals or families who share their homes and provide needed assistance for an individual with a developmental disability to enjoy community living. The Arc of Bristol County does not provide any group homes.

  • Question: What kinds of support do our staff offer for our individuals?

    Answer: They help with shopping, medical appointments, leisure activities, banking etc.


  • Question: How can I take part in activities and classes offered at the Taunton Resource Center?

    Answer: Participants in the Taunton Area Resource Center must be DMR eligible and have their Service Coordinator send over a referral. A monthly calendar of events will be mailed to you. Then, all you need do is call and sign up! For more information, call 508-884-2971.



  • Question: How does my son or daughter become eligible for services?

    Answer: To begin the process a family would be referred to DDS for an intake to determine eligibility for services. A family can contact The Arc directly to have a referral made for an intake.

  • Question: What supports are available to my family through The Arc before my son or daughter’s eligibility is determined?

    Answer: Families can be placed on a mailing list for parent support, training, brother and sister’s group, and the agency newsletter.

  • Question: What is the process to access services if my son or daughter is found eligible?

    Answer: Families are contacted by their DDS Service Coordinator, and if desired, a visit is scheduled. This visit is done in conjunction with The Arc’s Family Support Staff. Families are encouraged to state their need, and possible supports and services that would be meaningful are explored. (It should be noted that for receiving certain Family Support Services, DDS has developed a priority of need system. At any given time, the number of individuals who are both eligible for and in need of certain Family Support Services may exceed the amount of services and supports available.)


  • Question: How do I receive Representative Payee Services?

    Answer: To obtain Representative Payee Services, you must meet the definition of intellectual and developmental disability in Rhode Island or in Massachusetts. You must receive some type of support services either through us or another agency and be in need of a payee. We do charge an administrative fee which is set by the Social Security Administration. For more information contact our Director of Administration at (508) 226-1445.

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