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Day Supports and Employment Supports

Day Habilitation Services

The Arc of Bristol County’s Day Habilitation programs offer Individuals with disabilities the opportunity to choose a community based model of supports directed by the participants and implemented by a dedicated interdisciplinary team of professionals who align themselves with the goals of each individual and work together to seek out the most creative and meaningful ways to make them a reality. The Arc operates two Day Habilitation programs, one in Taunton and the other in Attleboro.

Services Available

Skills Development

Building skills and promoting independence is our main goal.  Each participant in the program has a service plan that outlines measurable learning objectives tailored to meet their needs and bring them closer to realizing their vision for the future.

  • Independent Living
  • Sensory Motor
  • Behavioral
  • Affective
  • Social
  • Communication
  • Daily Living


The Arc of Bristol County’s nursing staff is comprised of experienced health care professionals supporting individuals agency wide.  The Day Habilitation Program has a nurse on site throughout the day to educate individuals and staff about relevant medical issues, provide medical care and administer medications as needed.  Nursing staff coordinate care with the Individual’s physician and develops a care plan designed to maintain each person’s health and safety.

  • Medication Management
  • On Going Monitoring
  • Health Education
  • Case Management


The Arc of Bristol County’s Day Habilitation Program offers each participant access to an interdisciplinary team of professionals including clinical staff.  These clinicians provide the evaluation and consultation needed to develop a comprehensive support plan for each member of the program.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Accessing the Community

The goal of Arc of Bristol County’s new Day Habilitation program is to support people with developmental disabilities to learn new skills in a community-based setting.

The Arc is committed to providing a range of opportunities to meet this goal through an ongoing effort to both establish partnerships with community members and preserve and expand upon the preexisting relationships of the individuals supported. 


The Arc believes that everyone should try to give back to their neighborhoods. Supporting people with disabilities to volunteer creates a lasting community of interdependence where organizations rely on individuals with disabilities to help them be more successful and individuals are benefited through the creation of opportunities to be active in their communities, learn skills and develop relationships and expand their social networks.


Keeping people active and healthy is another goal of the Arc’s Day Habilitation program.  People with disabilities that take part in the program will stay active through swimming, sports and recreation at local parks, the YMCA and other venues.  The program plans to utilize other methods like Yoga, Pilates, dance and strength training as well as technology like the Wii to enhance health and well being. The program also provides access to an accessible kitchen where people can learn about nutrition and how to cook healthy meals.


The Arc aims to provide supports and services in a way that is fun and interesting, where people can explore new ideas and discover hidden talents while developing skills.  People supported in the Day Habilitation program are given exposure to the arts and chances to be creative through music lessons, art and sketch classes, sewing, and photography.

Families who choose the Arc’s Day Habilitation program can expect…

  • To become a valued member of our team
  • Positive, reliable communication from staff
  • To be encouraged to share their knowledge, experience and ideas with the team
  • Services that promote independence, creativity and honor an individual’s right to choose
  • Their loved one to be safe and treated with respect while they learn to assume new adult roles.
  • A program that focuses on making each day fun

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